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Complex Authorization Policy Setups Using ASP.NET Core's IAuthorizationPolicyProvider

Published on · 5 minutes reading time

An overview about ASP.NET’s IAuthorizationPolicyProvider interface and how it can be leveraged to solve complex authorization policy issues.

Lecture Notes: Distributed Systems

Published on · 31 minutes reading time

Lecture notes about and summaries of the “Distributed Systems” lecture at TUM.

(Finally) Migrating to Windows 11

Published on · 7 minutes reading time

Up until yesterday, I have continued using Windows 10, even though Windows 11 has been available for more than a year by then. A few years ago this would have been unthinkable for me. I still remember upgrading to the latest and greatest Windows versions at their respective release dates, eager to try out shiny new features like Metro, at a time when it was new. Windows 11 was the first version where I didn’t follow this behavior.

The Making of This Website

Published on · 10 minutes reading time

There is a saying that the first task on a ToDo list should be “Write a ToDo list”. In that spirit, the first (real) post on a new blog should be about the blog itself. This post will describe the motivation for and the superficial technical details of this blog (or rather, the website). The Motivation - Why Create a Website? I’ve had this domain lying around unused for a year already.

Hello World!

Published on · 1 minute reading time

The first blog post here. Will others be coming soon? For now, hello world.